Please take a few moments to review the information below prior to reaching out. I do not meet with everyone who contacts me, as I choose to indulge in pleasure and intimacy with a select few. I enjoy spending time with women who have made themselves familiar with my website, provide adequate screening information, and are thoughtful in their correspondence.


Please let me know how you would like me to dress and I will do my best to accommodate. Suit and tie, jeans and a tee shirt, jeans and a dress shirt, toga? The choice is yours…


Champagne, red wine, rhubarb cola? What would you like to be served?


I enjoy traveling a great deal and would love to meet you in the city of your choice. I always prefer that time not be rushed, therefore, I ask that we meet for a minimum of four hours. Also, please consider an overnight or multi-day rendezvous. (If given ample scheduling time and we are meeting longer than two days I will happily cover my travel expenses.)


I prefer to meet with women that have referrals from reliable/well reviewed providers. If available, please offer these in your initial correspondence.


If you do not possess a referral, I may be able to accept an employment reference. Please inquire.


One hour: $500.00
Ninety minutes: $600.00
Two hours: $700.00
Four hour dinner date: $1250.00
Six hour dine & dash: $1500.00
Nine hours: $2000.00
Overnight (12 hours): $2500.00
Twenty four hours: $4000.00
Forty eight hours: $6000.00


Please note that donations cover my time and companionship only. All expenses acquired during our time together are your responsibility. If we are meeting outside of Seattle, I require that my travel expenses be covered in advance. As I do not offer illegal activities, I will not discuss any through email or in person.

*An additional fee may be added to travel or outcall appointments dependent upon location or situation

Deposit / Cancellations

Due to the amount of time I invest in preparing for a rendezvous in another city, I prefer my flight to be paid for ahead of time and I humbly ask for a 25% deposit. As for events in Seattle, no deposit is necessary. However, please respect my time by offering appropriate notice of cancellations, etc. I appreciate at least 24 hour notice in Seattle and at least a week’s notice for travel so I may change my professional plans, cancel/change a flight and/or a hotel. If you do not let me know within the respective time, unfortunately I will need to charge half the original appointment’s donation to reschedule. I may also ask for you to take care of any fees that would accrue by changing my travel (flight/car/hotel).

“Suddenly normal wasn’t good enough.” – Steven Kotler