Lady Luck’s 2nd Vegas Review

Lady Luck’s 2nd Vegas Review

The lovely NoGNoG was nice enough to review our time together in Seattle. I thought I’d try something new, and re-post it here. Her review, and others, can be found on the the Concierge Du Monde forums.


Date of encounter: November 2009

Name of companion: Smith Curren

Website of companion:

Location of encounter: Las Vegas, NV

Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?): I hired him for six hours (5 p.m.-11 p.m.)

Were his photos and description accurate? He was even more handsome than from when I remembered him and much sexier in the flesh.

Physical description of companion: He wore a charcoal gray suit with a black tie. He looked elegant and sophisticated. He added his own little unique touch to his outfit, which were vintage cuff links made out of typewriter keys. Classic Smith.

Attitude of companion: Relaxed, fun, flirtatious, happy, seductive, and sexy. Everything you’d want in a perfect dream date, or a gentleman, for that matter. He was always romantic, holding my hand, kissing, and embracing me.

How did the companion make you feel? He was able to put me at ease, as always, and I was happy and excited to see him again after what seemed like a long time. Ironically, I was even more nervous than I was on our first date, but once he opened the door and I saw his beguiling smile, all my fears and anxieties melted away. He made me feel romantic, sexy, and desired, like a real woman.

Please describe the experience: I met him at his room at the Flamingo. Unfortunately, they decided to give him one at the end of this long, labyrinthine maze of hallways, so it felt like I had to walk several miles until I finally got there. When he answered the door, he gave me a hug and kiss. I was out of breath, and I jokingly told him I would punish him for making me walk all that way to see him. I was dressed to kill that night in a Mad Men/60s-style black dress, pearl jewelry, red stilettos, and a matching red pea coat. I wanted to have a sexy retro look, knowing that he has a fetish for all things vintage.

He laughed and told me he had a romantic gift for me behind his back. He bought me a cute pink flamingo novelty pen that I immediately fell in love with. I gave him a card along with a gift of my own in a red and white polka-dot gift bag, which I thought was funny-looking, knowing he would appreciate my sense of humor. It was a book called Las Vegas: Then and Now, which are a series of before-and-after photos of how Vegas has changed in the last hundred years. We sat down on the couch for a while, had some red wine to drink, and exchanged some flirtatious banter and passionate kisses. It felt so romantic that we almost didn’t want to leave, but we went downstairs to take a cab to the Peppermill, the “mystery” restaurant I surprised him with.

The Peppermill, for those of you unfamiliar with the location, is one of the few true “vintage” Vegas restaurants still standing since the early 70s. Many movies and TV shows have been filmed there. We went inside the Fireside Lounge, which is a cozy place with bright pink and blue neon décor, comfy plush sofas, and a big circular fireplace to sit and have some cocktails. I had a Manhattan while Smith had a glass of merlot. Because I didn’t eat much during the day, I had a little too much to drink. As we were coming out of the lounge, I thought I was talking to Smith, but instead, it was some lady when I turned around. Smith was a few paces behind her. The lady started laughing, but it’s all good. It’s not the first time someone has been a little disoriented and tipsy in Vegas, not knowing who the hell she’s talking to.

We sat at a booth and I ordered a club sandwich with onion rings. I forget exactly what kind of sandwich Smith ordered, but it came with fries. After eating some yummy food, I sobered up and we continued our flirtatious conversation while exchanging kisses in between bites of food. I finished off the remainder of his wine and we ordered crème brulee for dessert, which we seductively fed to each other, along with a delicious strawberry.

Once I paid for dinner, we walked outside. On the way there, an Asian lady approached us and asked, “Hey, did you two just get married?” I started laughing hysterically. She smiled and asked, “What’s so funny?” I struggled to get the words out. “It’s just such a funny idea to me, that’s all.” Smith laughed too and remarked, “I guess we look that good.” We walked across the street to Circus Circus to catch a cab back to the hotel. On the way there, I hiked up my dress a little to show him a preview of coming attractions, which I know he very much appreciated.

When we got back to the room, all I can tell you from this point on, things got hot and heavy, and intense at times. Sinatra music was playing on his iPod in the background and that added to the mood of the erotic and decadent mood of the evening. He was very playful, open-minded, romantic, and passionate. I got to “model” my sexy nurse Halloween costume for him. He broke one of my pearl earrings, but I will only say that is only an indication of how good he is. He gave me a soothing massage and toward the end, we took a shower together that we didn’t get to have last time because I “punished” him.

Before we left the room, we held each other and gazed at the view of some of the adjacent Strip hotels. I said that one day I would be rich, he would be my “kept man”, and that I would buy him whatever he wanted. He joked that he wanted the big neon globe from Harrah’s across the way. I paraphrased George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life by saying, “Just say the word and I’ll get a lasso and pull it down for you.” He walked me to the elevators and kissed me goodbye. Afterward, while I was waiting at the bus stop, he sent me a text message saying how much he enjoyed the wonderful evening we spent together. Even though I would miss him, and I wish I had more time for a longer engagement, I know we will see each other for many more dates again in the future.

Would you recommend this companion to other ladies? Absolutely! Why would you want to hire anyone else?