Luck be a Lady

Luck be a Lady

Lady Luck and I had been conversing for some time. She is a twenty nine year old woman currently perched in Nevada’s Sin City. A young entrepreneur, screenwriter and collector, she keeps herself very busy. I was happy her schedule opened up long enough for us to finally meet in person.

Around 5pm, I ventured over to LL’s El Cortez Cabana Suite; a chic flat with retro undertones and a serious old strip vibe. Lady Luck is Old School Vegas! ( Bugsy > Wynn ). Her choice of lodging was very appropriate considering our shared love for everything Rat Pack.

She answered the door wearing a smooth violet dress which was complimented by her Morena skin and bewitching smile. I offered her a rose and wished her Happy Birthday. The evening’s festivities were a celebration of her recent red letter day. She handed me a Hallmark card with overcaffeinated bunnies playing the slots accompanied with a built in soundtrack. We laughed for a moment, I put down my hat, grabbed my date’s hand, and we were off.

Only twenty minutes into our date and Lady Luck was already pulling out all the stops, our cab delivered us to Encore for a delectable dinner at a secret location. She then guided me through the casino hand in hand to our destination. What better way to continue our Summit style evening than dinner at Sinatra. the first restaurant sanctioned by the Sinatra family to bear his name. Frank’s Oscars and Grammy awards are on display and his portraits line the walls. I ordered LL a Lillet on the rocks and a Gibson for myself. We sat in the lounge and enjoyed a few moments of The Manchurian Candidate while our table was being prepared. Soon enough, it was time to leave the booth and enter the main arena. Chef Theo Schoenegger does not disappoint. We started with carpaccio and eventually made our way to the main course, exchanging bites of delicious lobster and Chicken Parmigiana. Dinner ended with cappello; chocolate hazelnut mousse lavished with kumquat sauce, crafted in the shape of Sinatra’s signature fedora and topped with a birthday candle. Lady Luck made her wish and we were on our way once again…


I’ve been to Vegas a few times… but always under the umbrella of a wedding or other engagement which has taken up my free time. I have always been fascinated with the neon lights and history of Vegas, but unfortunately have never been able to fully enjoy the sights and sounds of old Vegas. This trip was a great exception to that statement. Lady Luck is a fantastic tour guide, overpouring with names, dates and landmarks in Vegas’ electric history. I helped her change shoes, and we began our walk down the strip. A short stop for coffee allowed us a chance to relax, and an overdue stroll through the Flamingo courtyard allowed me a chance to steal a kiss. Eventually, after window shopping a few of her familiar specialty stores… we made our way to the Bellagio fountain. The fountain never ceases to amaze me, however this time, the company was extra special. As we crossed the street to Paris,“Luck be a lady” could be heard over Bellagio speakers, we paused for one last show before hailing a cab back to El Cortez.

You would think after walking around for a few hours that the two of us might be a little worn out. I guess we did take a few moments to relax at the foot of her bed. Just a few moments.

I won’t go in to the fine details, but will share that it was a lascivious evening. Our many conversations leading up to the rendezvous had certainly helped to build an abundance of carnal tension. We did break stride from time to time… a new music selection here, a tilted hat there. Lady Luck’s body is a thing to be cherished. The massage was more for me than her.

The following morning she awoke in my arms, just as beautiful as the night before. We shared a few more “uplifting” moments and nurtured our remaining time together. Although I knew I would miss her… after a passionate kiss, I bid her farewell. It would have been pretty difficult for the concierge to miss the smile on my face as I strolled past him that morning. I wonder what he contemplated… Oh, if he only knew.

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