NoGNoG’s Seattle Review

NoGNoG’s Seattle Review

The lovely NoGNoG was nice enough to review our time together in Seattle. I thought I’d try something new, and re-post it here. Her review, and others, can be found on the the Concierge Du Monde forums.


* Date of encounter:   May 28-31 2010
* Name of companion:        Smith Curren
* Website of companion:
* Location of encounter:    Downtown Seattle, WA & Smith’s  “romantic setting in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.”
* Duration of encounter: (how much time did you spend together?) 36 hours over a period of three days
* Attitude of companion: Welcoming. Enthusiastic. Playful. Jovial, Gregarious. Polite. Well mannered. Respectful.
* How did the companion make you feel? Protected. Pampered. Treasured. Wanted.

* Please describe the experience:  In my typical fashion I had jammed packed my weekend in Seattle with an almost frenzied schedule of things to do;  Family, museum, friends, and Smith. Smith has an ability to move in and out of my eclectic schedule as smooth as silk.  Friday started with us being treated with a couple package of in-service massage therapy.  Wheelchair traveling can be such a drag unless you are as lucky as I was. Smith stepped up and handled many details to have my progression through time advance smoothly.  We dined Saturday evening at the Columbia Tower Club, with the only sunset during my stay. On the way to dinner, Smith and I caught up with each other’s day.  I was so at ease over this weekend with Smith.  How to explain…it was as if I had just seen him last week.  We pick up together as if there had been no break.

*Morphine: I Know (Part III)

Anyway, Smith was chatting how he had spent his day shopping and cleaning.  My sister and I did a double feature at the cinema.  Smith’s spot on chivalry while interacting with my family was a true gift.  I was grateful for his gentleness, humor and respect toward my sister. Thank you, Smith. I never have any internal hitches when around Smith.  After dinner, he accommodated me nicely by offering his in call for our mutual pleasure, while my sister enjoyed my room (and view) at my hotel.
Smith’s love nest is a little jewel of history.  It is a converted 1920 apartment building to condominiums and on a quiet and discreet street in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, about a 15-minute ride from downtown Seattle.  Dear Smith had worked all of the logistics to get me into the condo.  A gentle mist began to clear my head and make me laugh at the circumstances.  A helping hand from a friendly neighbor, we were not the only ones up after midnight, got me into the building.  Smith had figured out it would be best if we went down to get up.  🙂 His face filled with care and concern as we worked together to a common goal. It was Smith’s strength and thoughtfulness that got me into the elevator and into his condo.  All the doorways and the antique elevator had door variances that were very tight.  Yes, wide enough for the wheelchair to get through but only with Smith’s assistance.
The condo was immaculate and has an air of romance with high ceilings, hardwood floors, romantic lighting, and boudoir drapery.  Well appointed in period furniture including a chaise and an iron bedstead with an atmosphere so more seductive then a hotel room.  Smith catered to my dessert whim and stocked Remy Martin, vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries.  I was not expecting to see a side of “man can cook with smile” talent.  A delicious breakfast consisted of an egg scramble( w/feta, mushrooms, tomatoes) accompanied with berries and sausage.  Made and served by Smith. In bed no less! He really is a bouncy cheery person first thing in the morning.
I knew Smith and I had reached a new plateau in our relationship when I hear him and my sister chatting as he is pushing me to the museum Sunday.  Both were agreeing with each other, I was not a morning person! Tongue 2

* Would you recommend this companion to other ladies? Definitely.  There are so many wonderful facets to this jewel of a gentleman.  I cannot wait to drop him into my next adventure and see how brilliant his shine is, again.

Thank you, Sunshine!