Review: Amber’s Romantic Evening In

Review: Amber’s Romantic Evening In

The lovely NoGNoG was nice enough to review our time together in Seattle. I thought I’d try something new, and re-post it here. Her review, and others, can be found on the the Concierge Du Monde forums.


Date of encounter: January, 2011

Name of Companion: Smith Curren


Location: Seattle WA, USA

Duration: 12 hours

Accuracy of photos/description: No… he’s even cuter in person.

Physical Description: Dark silky soft hair. Laughing eyes. Engaging smile. Sensitive hands. Lovely body.

Attitude: Eminently approachable. Quick to look for the fun in things. Thoughtful. He has a serious side, but doesn’t ever seem to take himself too seriously.

How I felt: Interesting and provocative. Safe, but still with the adrenaline and excitement of just being near him. Not weird, which sounds odd, but I often feel out of step with those around me, so it’s worth noting that I didn’t with Smith. Swept away. I know that sounds clichéd, but much of the time I was feeling things I’d never, ever felt before and I just got wonderfully lost in him.

The experience: My evening started when Smith met me at my car to escort me around the block to his in-call. We stayed in for dinner and a movie. First, though, was conversation and wine. Conversations with Smith are both entertaining and educational. Although I was saddened to learn that NASA doesn’t have an anti-gravity room, Smith broke the news as gently as possible. I grieved and moved on. I would like to point out that one of Smith’s more attractive qualities is that he has his own opinions. This made for much more intriguing discussions than are possible with those who hold themselves back for fear of offending.

Then it was into the kitchen where I watched culinary genius occur. I don’t think Smith believed me, but I really did like the mushrooms (I had previously confessed a dislike for them). Evidently it’s all in how you cook them. Who knew? Next date maybe I’ll try and sneak the recipe from him. He may try and hide it just so I keep coming back for his mushrooms. Wow. That sounds kind of kinky, doesn’t it?

Wine, dinner, conversation, and a movie it took 6 hours to watch because I was… distracted. Delightfully so, I must say. Smith is a very proficient distracter. Snuggling (between distractions) was a completely new experience for me. And I liked it. A lot. Smith was warm and sexy and seductive. He led me smoothly into tender intimacies and passionate pleasures. I was left quite touch-drunk and purely blissed out.
Wine, dinner, conversation, and sexy Smith combined beautifully to create, just for me, an amazing first date. I truly look forward to repeating the experience.

Would I recommend to other ladies? Yes!