Review: Geliebter’s Company of Four

Review: Geliebter’s Company of Four

Gwen, Smith and I enjoyed a wonderful threesome experience not so long ago. But one of my favorite objectives is to subject women to pleasure, observe their response as a gift of nature and reap the generous rewards of their gratitude. The more women, the more pleasure there is to give. And the more men, the more ways to inject that pleasure. So it was an inevitable conclusion to add another lovely woman as a fourth to our party, and a very natural choice for me for that woman to be Dayna. Remarkably, though these angels have headlined my list of favorites for a long time, I’d never managed to bring them together before.

So I’d somehow created for myself an illusion of these two as sisters, mostly I think for their wonderfully youthful breasts, which I absolutely adore. But viewed together their obvious differences complement each other delightfully. Gwen, the elder sister (by age only, mind you), has European beauty and elegance, slightly and deliciously fuller in form and more curvaceous, firm hips and ass that I love, and certainly my heroine for her adventurous spirit. Dayna, the younger, is the cute angel next door (with the wings to prove it!), petite and sweet, a perfect round butt, and a shy personality that turns devilish when the heat is on. They both love women at least as much as they love men, making the original objective that much more thrilling to achieve. I arrived on the scene to find my two dream girls waiting with Smith in Gwen’s studio, sipping mimosas and apparently giggling nervously over what was to come. I could sense the tension in the room, an eagerness to shed our fabric skins and sample more earthly delights.

The little black dresses were transparent to my imagination and the personal memories of what lay beneath. The pearls highlighted long, sensuous necks longing for a man’s breath. The eyes drew me into a world where heartbeats are measured by the ton. The taste of their intimate greetings lingered on my lips as we cuddled up in pairs to discuss the happenings since our last farewells. Dayna, next to me on the sofa, is a magnet for my hands which cannot resist the softness of her lengthening red hair. Gwen and Smith, having to make do with chairs, shared affectionate touches as best they could. But as the sensual temperature of the room at last became unbearable Gwen found more comfortable seating in Smith’s arms. Dayna’s request for assistance out of her dress brought a smile to my lips which were then busied tracing a naked line from her supple neck down to the cleavage of that aforementioned perfect ass. My vision became too obstructed between Dayna’s delicate thighs to appreciate how Gwen and Smith were faring, but being good hosts they soon crawled over to the sofa for a very non-businesslike merger, a hostile takeover of sorts.

Suddenly I was immersed in my favorite duo activity of being fully engaged in passionate kisses with one feminine mouth while being aggressively pleasured by the other. Smith’s expert lips and tongue applied to Dayna’s needs meant all four mouths were fully engaged and his impact on Dayna made her kisses all the more enjoyable as she shuddered and shivered in response. Such a precious thing to witness! How Gwen and Smith might also have been handling each other on a lower plane is left for them to report because I was in another world at the time. Note that there is a large comfy bed in Gwen’s studio, but for all the times I’ve been there I’ve never known what purpose it served except to occasionally whack someone in the knee with its frame as they strode carelessly past. But on this occasion it finally found use and I must say four bodies do fit rather cozily upon it, though Smith may have been standing for a while as I recall Gwen’s dog may have needed walking.

Anyone familiar with Gwen’s studio knows the real action happens in the “Red Room”, so when she says “let’s go” you don’t have to drag me by the tender bits to get me moving. (It helps, but it’s not necessary!) It’s a small venue with a mattress tucked within four walls made cozy by many pillows. The high contrast lighting flatters the feminine form divinely as breasts and buttocks illuminated on one side and darkened on the other cast wonderful shadows. The deeply enhanced curves and textures draw in a man’s hands to fondle and explore the delicate landscape. The universe demands you stop and smell these roses which, by any other name, remain sweet, delectable flowers.

None can possibly remember the infinite details of such a dynamic experience. But two memorable moments replay boldly on my mind’s theater screen: (1) Smith knows Gwen quite well it seems, and his talented hands upon (within!) her demonstrated clearly why she keeps him around. Her cries of “You fucker! You fucker!” feigned outrage as she grasped for some reality to hold onto while he denied her rest from one climax to the next. That kind of control, and yielding of control, is overpowering (and fun!) to witness. (2) Smith also found a way to Dayna’s heart thru a rousing bout of mish and I had the privilege of kissing her and smoothing her gentle body as she bucked and spasmed thru a climax most marvelous to witness. But fear not, dear readers, for this old(er) man got his licks in fairly well and received more than his fair share of gratification too. They surely made me feel like I held my own amongst their youth and beauty, and that’s the most magical of illusions imaginable!

Satiated naked bodies lying lazily in the afterglow, finishing the last sips of champagne, stroking each other softly and sharing tender kisses punctuated the ending of our little orgy. Clothes lay strewn throughout the studio which itself must have been exhausted by the use of its floor, sofa, bed and the infamous Red Room for our naughty purposes. As a group we decided that sparing the fragile table was wise while we laughingly imagined the fireplace mantle as a possibility for next time. Plans may yet develop to extend our party even further to test the old “more the merrier” adage. There is a short postscript to the story: While the advanced acceleration and high speed cornering of a sports car may NOT be as good as sex, Dayna’s reaction and her excited squeaks were nonetheless quite adorable! Thank you all!