Review: Sam’s Tangletown Date

Review: Sam’s Tangletown Date

The lovely NoGNoG was nice enough to review our time together in Seattle. I thought I’d try something new, and re-post it here. Her review, and others, can be found on the the Concierge Du Monde forums.


* Date of encounter: June, 2009.

* Name of companion: Smith Curren

* Website of companion:

* Location of encounter: Seattle.

* Duration of encounter (how much time did you spend together?):  I booked Smith for his 4 hour dinner date rate.

* Were his photos and description accurate?: As I said in my newbie post I first met Smith randomly at a show in Seattle via a mutual friend (a female escort that I’ve known for years). I remember him being dressed down in jeans, a surf movie t-shirt & a hat. And unlike his pictures on his site, he had his lip ring in. Despite meeting him dressed down, in face & body, yes he looks like his pictures. When we went out for dinner, he was dressed in a suit & tie and then he definitely looked like his pictures even without seeing his eyes or lip ring in the shots.

* Physical description of companion: Attractive & sexy! Smith’s site says he is 5’8″ which would be right because I am 5’4″ & I had 3″ heels on for dinner & he was still a bit taller than me. He has short dark hair that he wears kinda spiky & dark brown eyes that crinkle at the corners when he smiles (great smile btw) & laughs. Oh something that online people would never know, Smith has a deep voice! The kind that makes girls swoon.

Smith is not your just stepped out of GQ chiseled model, but he has a good body & is definitely sexy. I loved his arms as I am a sucker for strong arms (he said they get a major workout from surfing)! So I know he will hate this (sorry Smith!), but apart from his handsome features, he has a boy like cuteness about him. He has a cute little tummy & freckles like a redhead would have (Smith, is there a redhead in the family?) but they were definitely part of his appeal.  I wanted him to wear his lip ring when we met because I was intrigued by it. It looks great on him, but I could see how some traditional ladies may want him to take it out. From my adventures with him, I did not see that Smith has any tattoos hidden or not (Smith? Tattoos?).

* Attitude of companion: Wow. Lots of different words to describe Smith’s attitudes! Cheery, comforting, cool, sexy, down to earth, charming, funny & relaxed.

* How did the companion make you feel?: I was really nervous when we met up for dinner even after meeting once at that show. I had hired a male companion in Hawaii about five years ago, but that was away from home & just felt different. We were out in a neighborhood that I know well & was worried I would run into someone &  have to stumble through answers. But instantly Smith made me feel like we had been friends for some time. He joked & laughed a lot at dinner which made me relax. My nervousness came back a bit when we got to his apartment, but again his laughter did the trick. Altogether, he made me feel comfortable and when the time was right he made me feel sexy and pampered.

* Please describe the experience: I really wanted to try Umi for dinner, but they were full. I had told Smith I would take care of reservations & then spaced doing it during my work week (sorry again Smith!). We ended up at a little hidden sushi restaurant in Tangletown that Smith knew about. We drank chilled sake and laughed our butts off sharing stories & the like. He asked if he could hold my hand at the table while we chatted. I looked around & didn’t recognize anyone, so I said yes. We talked about everything! My work (which he never seemed to tire hearing about, bless his heart), his art, surfing, dogs, where I grew up & my family.

After dinner we took a cab to Capitol Hill to his apartment. I mentioned the cool decor but he said it was not his doing. He has a couple pieces of his art on a wall which I was happy to see in person (he had sent me a picture of his art earlier in the week when I asked about it), but I guess the rest of the apartment was decorated by his friend that he shares the space with when she is in town. Who cares who decorated it though, I really liked how inviting it was! Good lighting (important for us ladies over a certain age!), candles & music that I had requested for the night (Nina Simone).

He asked if I would like to take a shower & if he could join me. It was really nice. He held my hair up because I didn’t want it to get wet as he kissed me. When the water started to cool down, he asked if I wanted a massage. He rummaged around in the kitchen for a little while, but came back with a tray full of things. Water (with cucumber in it!), fruit, warmed lotion, towel. He gave a great massage that left me wanting to flip over and grab him way before he said to flip over! He checked in a couple of times to make sure that he was doing it to my liking. What followed was equally as yummy as the massage. I know we are not supposed to detail but I will say that Smith knows his way around the female form! We took another quick shower & then sat and sipped on a little glass of white wine. I had asked for him to have a particular type of beer for me to drink, but he had forgotten. He apologized at least 3 times, LOL. After everything, forgotten beer did not matter to me at all. I left about an hour late which I felt bad about. He ensured me that it didn’t matter. He gave me a huge hug & bigger kiss after walking me to the door. I floated out. In the morning there was a sweet email waiting for me saying that he had fun.

* Would you recommend this companion to other ladies?: Definitely! I had a ton of fun with Smith just hanging out & he definitely did not disappoint when things moved into the bedroom!! I I felt at ease, turned on & pampered all at the same time! It was a wonderful vacation for myself. If a lady wants a guy to laugh with that is comfortable to be around, sexy, cute, handsome & gives a great massage (and then some!), he would be great match.