Straight Male Escorts

Straight Male Escorts

I thought I’d would throw a small list together of my fellow straight make companions. Below you will find some of the world’s finest independent, straight male escorts. Please keep in mind, there are certainly more companions out there which I have not included in this post. These are gentlemen I consider friends, and colleagues.

James Craig – Straight Male Escort – Las Vegas

I consider James a good friend. He’s an Englishman, with a killer sense of humor, and descent golf handicap – 8 *no comment on his surf skills  James is based out of Las Vegas.

Storm Astor – Straight Male Escort – London

Storm is based out of London, but was born in South Africa, and has been traveling the world ever since. A model, actor, and sportsman…he keeps himself very busy. Golf handicap – 12. *once again, no comment on surf skills 

Cole Carter – Straight Male Escort – London 

Cole Carter


Cole is one of the originals. He’s got the look of an athlete, and the skills of a seasoned courtesan. Based out of London, but is always in the mood to travel.

Lucifer’s Kiss – Straight Male Escort – New Zealand

Lucifer is based out of Wellington, New Zealand. He is a musician,  and enjoys the cinema. From what I understand, he is a great companion, and tour guide..if you are in the Wellington area.

Other than these sites, a fantastic resource for information regarding straight male escorts is Concierge du Monde. The site includes bios for all it’s featured gentlemen, and a forum that is riddled with interesting topics. Subscribe to the forum and gain access to endorsements, and some private backroom conversations.

James has a great post on his blog; Musings of a Male Companion, about CDM. Check it out, and join the party!