The Couple

The Couple

About a month ago, a Portland couple contacted me. Jack and Alicia have been married for seven years, and are celebrating their anniversary this weekend. On a routine holiday trip to Seattle, the two thought they would spice things up a bit, and throw a new toy in to the mix….We met for drinks this evening on Capitol Hill.

We’ve been in pretty consistent contact with each other since mid October. If I recall correctly, Jack sent the initial email. Alicia and I have shared a few conversations via g-chat, and I was eager to finally meet both of my new friends in person.

Around eight pm, I pulled up a stool at the bar. J & A are spending the weekend with family, and arranged to sneak away for a few hours, to a rustic pub located just around the corner from their temporary home. I’ve been here before… great decor, stiff drinks, and it’s appropriately named “SMITH.”


Around 8:30, Jack & Alicia walked through the front door. Although I’d never actually seen a photo of the two, their online descriptions were pretty much spot on. Jack, wearing a leather jacket, and definitely sporting a rocker style, stands around 5’8’’, and I say spends a little more time at the gym than he admits. Alicia is pretty much a Mad Man’s wet dream; 5’7’’, copper colored hair, voluptuous red lips, and an hourglass figure that even Joan Holloway would kill for.


Jack promptly ordered us three shots of tequila, and a pitcher of seasonal brew, as we relocated from the bar to a table. Our conversation covered a broad range of topics; eccentric family members, mac & cheese, taxidermy, and Behind the Green Door. After a few drinks no topic is off the table… but some are more appropriately discussed beneath it. Maintaining composure proves a tad more difficult, when a beautiful woman’s hand steadily moves up the inside of your leg.

Although I’d love to tell you the three of us were unable to control our impulses and found our way to a more intimate location… this evening was set up as just a taste test. A delicious serving of foreplay, already built up by a month of anticipation. Our next encounter will take place this coming Monday. The menu calls for live music at the old neighborhood pub, and a nightcap back at my incall. I can’t wait.

Expect one hell of a blog entry next week.