Welcome to the Past and Pending

Welcome to the Past and Pending

Thanks for taking the time to check out my new project. I plan to use this journal as a forum through which I can share my plans and experiences. Whether it’s a journey to the coast in search of those perfect head high waves or a night out on the town sharing cocktails and a dance with a beautiful woman…I think I can find something interesting in this sometimes strange life to write about.

A little about me…I find myself at twenty-nine searching out new and unique situations to toss myself in to. About six months ago a close friend of mine suggested (after a few drinks, long day of travel and a back massage) that I just might be cut out for a different line of work from what my 9 to 5 resume was overflowing with. I had been aware of her profession for some time and must say that the idea of following suit had crossed my mind on more than one occasion. We spent the next few hours sipping mint juleps and contemplating just how one goes about becoming a true companion to women of leisure. Needless to say, it takes a lot more than 2 hours and a few mint juleps to transition into a novel lifestyle such as this. The journey so far has been stimulating to say the least…I’ve learned new skills, visited amazing places and most importantly shared memorable moments with some very special new friends.

As the seasons continue to change so do our lives. It’s inevitable that each of us will run into unique situations through out the course of our lives. I happen to be going through one right now and I’m excited to share it with you…well, parts of it anyways. 😉

Please feel free to shoot me an email with any comments or suggestions you may have. I’m a complete amateur at this blog gig and can definitely use the feedback.

And now that the introduction is out of the way…let’s get things started with a with a Gibson served straight up and Ol’ Blue Eyes laying it down.