An Evening of Sunshine, in Las Vegas

An Evening of Sunshine, in Las Vegas

I was recently in Sin City with Gwen, attending the Desiree Conference. Although I was very excited to meet some new people, I was even more enthusiastic to meet up with an old friend. Sunshine hails from Sunnyvale, California. We speak often, and recently had a three day Remy tour of Seattle. She was also attending the conference, and therefore staying at the same hotel.

We met almost immediately after arriving at the suites. She is just as I remember; small in stature with the energy of a super nova, dolled up with blonde hair and pink highlights. She is the life of the party. Gwen promptly ran over, and the two of them hit it off just as I imagined they would… both troublemakers by nature. We eventually registered for the conference, and went our separate ways until meeting later that evening.

I found Sunshine at the Desiree mixer, already in full conversation about Concierge du Monde, and the straight male escort industry. Sunshine makes one hell of a representative. I sat at the table, and joined the conversation. For the next twenty minutes we shared ideas, and discussed the future. It’s such an interesting dynamic to have both sides of the business sitting at one table, discussing our relationship with complete, but welcoming strangers. I’d say we did pretty well… although Sunshine did trump me with her business cards.

After a night out on the strip with Gwen, one tends to sleep in.  Around noon on Monday, I crawled out of bed and made my way to the conference. I hoped to catch a glimpse of some event celebrities; Kimberlee Cline, Amanda Brooks, Belle de Jour. Just as I Reached the second floor, my pocket started vibrating…

“Are you awake yet? You’re missing the conference. I’m heading back to my room for a break… care to join me?”

One quick one-heel spin, and I was on my way.

There’s something to be said for the relationships you have in life that never seem to skip a beat. Sunshine and I, can go months without seeing each other, and still laugh about a joke we shared over dinner a season ago. We spent an hour lounging around her room, discussing the conference, sharing stories, and laughing our asses off. This is typical behavior for us. I bid her farewell, and she reminded me to “not shave, and keep the lip ring in,” for our date later that evening.

Around 8pm Super Nova greets me at her door. She is of course, stunning as ever, even when it’s her version of casual. After a few stops in the cab, we arrive at our destination; the Rio’s Masquerade Tower. It seams that Sunshine and I have an ongoing theme of amazing views, during our engagements. In Seattle it was the Columbia tower, in Vegas it’s the Voodoo Steakhouse.


Sunshine is sweet, and knows me well. She promptly orders a San Pellegrino for me, while I freshen up. After enjoying soup, salad, and a few appetizers… we move on to the main course. Who knew steak could be cooked with such perfection? I lose myself in an incredibly delicious filet mignon, accompanied with mac & cheese, drizzled in truffle oil. YUM! Our lady of the hour dined on bourguignon, and we shared a bottle of Pinot Noir.

After dinner, we taxied back to the suite, and privately enjoyed a more intimate desert. It was another amazing evening with Sunshine. Hopefully one of many to come.

Both Sunshine and I spent the better part of the week at the conference. This gave us ample time to trade inside jokes back and forth via txt. I may have interrupted a few of her more quiet moments with a Bzzzzz!