Interested in something risque and distinctive? I offer duos with some very special women. Two courtesans, one evening. Voyeurism in its finest hour or the art of the triumvirate perfected.
If you are interested in an unforgettable experience, please contact either myself, or one of the gorgeous ladies found below.

Iris Blooms

Seattle, WA

Iris is a delightfully unusual racial mix of Japanese, Puerto Rican, French, German, and Norwegian. Her eyes are a lovely shape and colored hazel leaning toward green. Her full lips are soft and generous and hard to ignore.She is sweet yet sensual, intelligent yet innocent, youthful yet mature, courteous and professional and always curious about about her company. 


Iris’ website

Dayna Phoenix

Seattle, WA

With the fairest smooth skin, amazing mane of silky auburn hair, and deep blue eyes, Miss Phoenix is the smoldering girl next door that you always wanted to touch, but were afraid to. Dayna’s lovely body art only adds to the perfect vision of this extremely passionate woman. We love the use of Oscar Wilde on her site…”The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.” You will have no choice but to yield to this charming redhead.



Dayna’s website

Kimberlee Cline

Bay Area, CA

Kimberlee is the quintessential California Girl. You will find her delightfully warm, optimistic, and idealistic, yet professional, reliable, and sincere. She is a sensual creature with a deep respect for the curative properties of pleasure. Nobody needs an excuse for just wanting to feel good. Pleasure is your birthright, and Kimberlee happesn to be a purveyor of pleasure in it’s most deviant forms.


Kimberlee’s website

Gia Amour

Bay Area, CA

Gia Amour { “a beautiful love affair” } She is sometimes described as voracious: exceedingly eager. She is filled with passion and desire. Her elegance and beauty combined with her amazing personality and attitude, make her a true gem. Gia is the thinking man’s je ne sais quoi.


Gia’s Twitter

Sophia Amelia

Bay Area, CA

When you’re with Sophia, your satisfaction is her only ambition. She’s a sensual servant, completely devoted to showering you with love and affection. Sophia creates a space for you to completely relax, letting all the stresses of your life melt away, while you languish in pleasure. Sophia – your loving, delicious, radiant companion.


Sophia’s website

Tabitha Cooks

New York, NY

“…The segue was smooth and natural. She’d set out strawberries and mint by the bed for tasty snacks. Her technical skills certainly didn’t disappoint: her fingers and hands move with certainty, her lips are welcoming and confident and her body is a familiar tool she knows the exact application of. So yes, she was arousing in all aspects….” – a California Gentleman


Tabitha’s website

“Suddenly normal wasn’t good enough.” – Steven Kotler