Interested in something risque and distinctive? I offer duos with some very special women. Two courtesans, one evening. Voyeurism in its finest hour or the art of the triumvirate perfected.
If you are interested in an unforgettable experience, please contact either myself, or one of the gorgeous ladies found below.

Arriba Red

Seattle, WA

Arriba is a sensual, open minded woman whose passions for world travel, art and dance are sustained by the generous companionship of both men and women. She’s 5’7, 33yo, 155lbs, curvy with intoxicating blue eyes, a stunning smile, and wild red hair. She specializes in a sincere connection – her kiss makes you feel like the only man in the world.

Arriba’s Website

Ivy Quill

Seattle, WA

“A woman best described as a passionate non-conformist, a sapiosexual rebel and an unabashed debauchee.

Polyamorous in every aspect, I have created a life that values the cultivation of unique relationships and the collection of experiences. I have always walked the path less traveled – marched to the beat of my own drum, if you

will – and have found beauty often lies in the most unexpected places. Take my hand, let’s see what we can discover, you & I.”

Ivy’s website

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Koi Erotica

Seattle, WA

Koi is the living embodiment of twisted kink and irrepressible desire: her interests range from the sensually carnal to the outrageously extreme. Always within the realm of safe, sane and consensual play, she loves blurring the lines and getting down and dirty. Don’t let her approachability lull you into a false sense of security: She knows what she wants, and certainly knows how to get it. More importantly, she knows what you need: and understands your cravings, desires, and relishes in her ability to fulfill them and take pleasure while doing so.

Koi’s website

Sophia Amelia

Bay Area, CA

When you’re with Sophia, your satisfaction is her only ambition. She’s a sensual servant, completely devoted to showering you with love and affection. Sophia creates a space for you to completely relax, letting all the stresses of your life melt away, while you languish in pleasure. Sophia – your loving, delicious, radiant companion.

Sophia’s website

Tabitha Cooks

New York, NY

“…The segue was smooth and natural. She’d set out strawberries and mint by the bed for tasty snacks. Her technical skills certainly didn’t disappoint: her fingers and hands move with certainty, her lips are welcoming and confident and her body is a familiar tool she knows the exact application of. So yes, she was arousing in all aspects….” – a California Gentleman

Tabitha’s website

“Suddenly normal wasn’t good enough.” – Steven Kotler