Review: NoGNoG’s Blue Moon

Straight Male Companion Smith Curren

Review: NoGNoG’s Blue Moon

This review was originally posted on Concierge Du Monde. Concierge Du Monde is an online community where women find, discuss, and review straight male companions.

Date of encounter: July, 2015

Name of Companion: Smith Curren


Location: Seattle WA, USA

Duration: Literally to the side of a beaten path in the South Bay
Duration of encounter: 7 hours

Accuracy of photos/description: Yes.

Physical Description: Relaxed, smiling, cool and wet from swimming Grin

How did the companion make you feel?: Held in respect

I left my office early on Friday, July 31st, to meet Smith poolside. I had not seen him in a “Blue Moon”. A Blue Moon can be defined by a rare type of dust in the atmosphere or the second full Moon in a month with two full Moons. Smith is my Blue Moon. He makes the air we are surrounded in light and his smile is as bright as the full moon that was shining when we separated that evening.

What did we do?: We caught up with our lives. There was a lot of talking…in the pool and out, at the bar and out, in the shower and out, in the bed and out. Please let us don’t forget the cowlick conversation as we got in the occupied elevator, where we discussed my philosophy of how one gets cowlicks in the first place. LOL Oh yeah, let us remember the conversation with the lovely young woman working in the lobby.

How could we not admire her beautiful anchor tattoo and the meaning behind it? Smith listens so well.

Smith is the defender of my well-being. He knows what I need before I even know what I need. He shuts the world out when he closes the door and I am immediately enveloped in his care with consideration and companionship. I went into the hours slowly sinking into intimacy and able to do so knowing he was capable of protecting my feelings and person during our time.

An eye opening visit for me, I have recognized and admitted I need protection and it was okay to feel vulnerable. I felt high being able to share my feelings and give him as much as what I felt I was given. Oh look, the sky has not fallen.

Thank you, Smith for an afternoon of smiles, friendship, and intimacy. Make Out The late afternoon and moonrise was way more than the time provided. I have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to you for the time to let go and your protection while I fly. How can others not want to get to know you as I do?