Review: NoGNoG’s Spring Fling

Review: NoGNoG’s Spring Fling

The lovely NoGNoG was nice enough to review our time together in Seattle. I thought I’d try something new, and re-post it here. Her review, and others, can be found on the the Concierge Du Monde forums.


Date(s) of Encounter: “Spring Fling” – March 13 & 14, 2010 (DST)

Companion: Smith Curren –

Location: Roseville, CA

Duration of Encounter: I was pretty ambivalent for this meet and greet. I didn’t even commit to seeing this gentleman until two days before leaving for Roseville. I had a two and half hour drive, which took three and a half. Traveling for a different rhyme and reason then Professional Companionship. I will even admit to telling him “Oh, okay, fine – I’ll email you when I get there.” We met up around 10:45 P.M. – I don’t know. I think it was around 4:30 A.M. I had not changed my watch to reflect – Spring ahead.

Were his photos and description accurate?: Yes

Physical description of Companion: Smith’s eurhythmic correspondence with me over a period of four months was a constant pleasure. In my mind’s eye, I saw the surfer, the artist, the Bad Boy. When we finally spoke by phone, I was hesitant and he just left a voice mail for me to hear his voice. His voice is deep filled with laughter. I was being seduced with these blind eye glimpses. It would be late when we caught up and I asked him to stay casual. My first look – a tee shirt, a black jacket, scruffy strong jaw, a lip ring, mussed hair. Here WAS my Bad Boy! His website says 5’8″ and I believe that is correct. His smile is open and inviting and he is quick to laughter. He smelled oh so yummy. I find him enjoyable and sublime, relaxing, and fun.

Attitude of the companion: Smith’s website states, “I am excited to accompany you in any situation and look forward to sharing unforgettable experiences with you.” One I am willing to vouch for. Honest. Happy. Flexible. Accommodating. Smith is confident and involved.

How did the companion make you feel? : Unique. Alluring. Safe. Secure. Unbridled. Pleased. Cared for. Joyful. Happy. Last but not least, I was teeming.

Please describe the experience: If I had only one word to use it would be “WONDROUS.” The whole day I was so pressed for time. I was in a time frenzy. I was still a woman of indecision on what time to give the poor guy. He had seduced me well, indeed, to this meet and greet. Acknowledging such to myself also made me acknowledge I wasn’t even able to make this meet easy for him. I informed him when I made it into the vicinity. The drive and arrival were a typical nightmare. I was laughing so hard because of the plan change from my friends, the trip, and Smith. My ambivalence was causing an animosity against time. My commitment to my friends was more important then Smith. Then I started thinking how rude I was being and I haven’t even met him, yet. Plus, how was I going to get a shower before meeting him. I was literally pressed for time and it was only 12:30 in the afternoon! I just couldn’t stop laughing at the whole situation. At 10:15 that night, I called to tell him I had just finished, what was a game of checkers. Jumping from store to store to get to a Starbucks that wasn’t closed yet (a 45 minute experience). I still needed to find a liquor store. I wanted a stiff drink! He said he could be ready in 15 minutes if I wanted to come get him. He had booked a room in the same hotel. OMG!! He was so accommodating. Here I was leaving him on the hook! I laughed more and headed to pick him up. He walked out of that hotel with such a smile and looked so happy to see me that the trials of my day just went, POOF, gone. His manners were so fluid and automatic I had no thought of being off or out of step. We got to Wall-Mart around 11:15 P.M. We waited in Aisle 15 for over an hour. No other checker had the authority to ring us up. So there we were waiting and holding an empty Crown Royal Box. Rules are Rules at Wall-Mart! I am still laughing about the whole experience. I could turn and lean toward him. I could just tuck my nose where his neck meets his collarbone. I would whisper in his ear imaginary lives of the people in front of us, a family of 3 with two overly packed baskets. My senses went into overdrive in Wall-Mart. He smelled so Yummy. I wanted to be a sponge and absorb him. I am a woman who does 95% of my life alone, by choice. I am my best company. On March 13, I made the right decision and choose Smith and to not being alone. I would stand in any line for any amount of time if I had Smith standing right there next to me. He was the true definition of Male Companionship.

Would you recommend this companion to other ladies?: This question is so tough. Deep down I don’t want to share any of them. LOL Yes, I recommend Smith without hesitation. This was a moment of time when Wall-Mart with Smith was well worth more than a day at the spa. Connect with Smith and find out for yourself.