The Couple, Continued…

The Couple, Continued…

You can read about my first date with Jack & Alicia here.

I arrived at my in-call two hours early, excited for the evening’s festivities. Jack, Alicia and I, seemed to hit it off quite well, on our previous date. I was looking forward to a little more face time behind closed doors.

Our original plan was to kick the evening off at a local watering hole, for some drinks and live music. We soon realized after our arrival, that a five-piece band doesn’t necessarily lend itself to intimate conversation… and it would take just a few more cocktails before the three of us would be bumping and grinding on the dance floor. We picked a wall, enjoyed our beers, and shortly after relocated to a pub down the street, that just so happened to provide an excellent jukebox.


It was a casual evening. Both Jack and I were in jeans, and t-shirts. My grandfather’s hat tilted just to the right. Jack’s 5 o’clock shadow turning heads at 8pm. Alicia looked even more stunning than last Sunday. Tight pants hugged by knee high boots, a thick black belt, and fitting creme sweater that complimented her voluptuous figure.

Jack and I played the first game of pool, while Alicia assembled a soundtrack. Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, James BrownDolly Parton!? You gotta love a girl that mixes “let’s get it on” with “9 to 5.” I of course lost the first pool game. I attribute this loss to slow alcohol consumption. Everyone knows that pool skills go up, as pints go down.

*Tequila shots*

Alicia sauntered around the table, as Jack and I played our second game. Jack stopped her on more than one occasion, to steal a kiss & squeeze. I tried to keep my concentration, despite her INTENTIONALLY brushing up against me during my turn at the table. Of course I lost once again…which prompted my decision to become a professional shuffleboard player. Shortly after my defeat, we made our way back to my in-call

Jack settled in at the table with a scotch on the rocks, while Alicia made herself comfortable on the chaise lounge. I threw some Ruth Brown on stereo, and after a subtle nod from Jack, I moved to Alicia’s side of the room. I leaned down in front of her, placed her drink on the side table, a hand on under her chin… and pulled her in for a kiss… moments later tilting her head back so my lips could maneuver down her neck. Alicia repositioned to her back, and I worked my way around her clothing, planting kisses and nibbles to the areas now exposed. It wasn’t long till our clothes were in a pile on the floor, and Jack was unbuttoning his shirt.

Jack and I spent a fair amount of time both spoiling and enjoying Alicia. I eventually excused myself, and took over J’s chair back at the table. Call me a voyeur, but the show was pretty amazing. I could have taken notes… but if I’d left the room to grab a pen, I just might have missed the words “I love you” being passed back and forth between our two lovers.


As the night came to a close we laughed and poked fun at each other, while playfully tossing found articles of clothing around the room. How is it that I always lose a sock in these situations? Is it possible that one of the attendees stole my argyle sock, in hopes of capturing the essence of my shuffleboard skills? If so, I understand. Consider it an early Christmas gift.

Happy Anniversary Guys!